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Crafted and Hand-Poured with Care from Natural Ingredients for a Truly Luxurious Experience


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“I absolutely love the candles from Minnie Scents! They’re not like your average candle – they’re handcrafted with natural ingredients and infused with the most incredible scents. I’ve tried several of their scents and they’re all amazing, but my personal favorite is their Sweet Pea and Tootie Fruity.

It’s so calming and relaxing, and it fills my home with a wonderful fragrance. I also appreciate that their candles burn cleanly and evenly, without any of the nasty chemicals that you find in so many other candles. 

Overall, I highly recommend Minnie Scents to anyone who loves high-quality, eco-friendly candles that smell amazing!” 

- Whitney Ashely

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Sweet Pea – $12

Tootie Fruity – $12

Mango Citrus – $12

Why Choose Minnie Scent Candles?

These luscious aromas invoke such memorable occasions as delicious seasonal treats, enjoyable family vacations to the seashore, and favorite holidays.

We offer a wide variety of scents to suit every mood and occasion from warm and cozy aromas.

We never include harmful substances or banned chemicals in our products. we are dedicated to crafting high-quality candles using only the finest ingredients.

Each candle is carefully poured and labeled by hand, so you can be sure you are getting a product made with love.

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All candles include an authentic manufacturer’s warranty, so you can be assured of their quality.

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